Punch Out system

What is it ? 

Punch Out is a system of intercommunication between a company’s computer applications and its supplier.

With this system, companies can :

  • access to their suppliers’ sites, where the terms and conditions of the negotiated contracts apply (prices, shipping costs, etc.).
  • repatriate purchase requisitions to their own validation environment (SRM or ERP).

How does it work?

Firstly, your customers’ purchasing departments have access to your entire product catalogue, with prices at the conditions negotiated between your company and your customers. Then, buyers fill their baskets according to their needs (when all items are selected, they can view and control their baskets).

Once validated on your merchant site, the basket is automatically transferred to your customer’s ERP or SRM, where all the hierarchical and accounting validation processes are already in place. All information relating to the items are kept (wording, unit price, size, etc.). As far as your customer is concerned, he can submit his purchases to his management. Once the payment has been validated, the order is automatically generated on your merchant site.

To sum up, Punch Out allows you to dematerialize exchanges and commercial transactions between a supplier and a company, thus facilitating the work of companies’ purchasing departments.

OroCommerce and Punch Out

OroCommerce remains the ideal B2B e-commerce solution because of its many features specific to the corporate market and its flexibility. The Punch Out system is a tool dedicated to OroCommerce, so it can be easily integrated and added to your ecosystem. The communication between your e-commerce platform and your customers’ SRM / ERP will be fluid and secure.

This way, your product catalogue register in a dynamic catalogue available to your customers. Updated regularly and in real time on Orocommerce, this system allows you to gain in efficiency and to save precious time for the purchasing departments and the sales teams.

Compatibilities ERP/SRM

There are many management software available, and the Punch Out has the advantage of being compatible with a very large number of them. In fact, the system developed by Kiboko has proven to be efficient and operational with SRM and ERP of the OCI and CXML type, covering the vast majority of existing management solutions on the market.

Moreover, thanks to the flexibility offered by OroCommerce, you have the possibility to configure several Punch Out on one and the same webshop. For example, we can imagine a webshop only intended for your B2B sales, in which you will have the possibility to hide certain products to certain customers and to apply a different pricing for their sales teams.

Payment method compatible with Punch Out

The Punch Out is compatible with all types of online payments, including payment on-account, which remains the usual and preferred method of payment for certain companies in B2B.

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