OroPlatform is an open source Business Application Platform (BAP).

Kiboko uses this flexible platform to create new business applications associated with OroCRM and/or OroCommerce.

Flexible and customizable solution

Built in PHP with the Symfony framework, developing custom business applications has never been easier. OroPlatform provides a comprehensive set of pre-defined components commonly used in enterprise web applications. It provides a solid foundation with components such as:

  • Extensible entities
  • Isolation of information by organization, e.g. parent company / subsidiaries (Enterprise Edition)
  • Customizable workflows
  • User access control
  • Application messaging and launching of heavy asynchronous processes
  • Monitoring security issues
  • Business intelligence: reporting and segmentation tools
  • ElasticSearch search engine and indexing capabilities (Enterprise Edition)
  • Administration panel configurable by user
  • REST API interface

As a business, you will benefit from a platform that allows you to solve unique and personalized business problems.

Business applications on OroPlatform

One of OroPlatform’s strengths is the variety of third-party software that can be added to it. Based on a Symfony framework, the platform allows the creation and implementation of third-party applications, no more need to start from scratch :

Système de gestion de la relation client (CRM) open source qui donne une vue à 360 degrés du client.

Plateforme de commerce électronique spécialement conçue pour les entreprises B2B.

ERP open source conçu pour les fabricants, les détaillants et les grossistes.

Outil de gestion des informations sur les produits (PIM). Centralise les informations techniques et marketing pertinentes pour leurs catalogues.

Logiciel de service client open source et un système de ticket utilisé pour le support client.

No matter if it is a PIM, CRM, ERP, order management software or help desk system, the solutions are quickly installed on OroPlatform and become profitable for your business!

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