Magento 1 open source project

OpenMage is a stable and secure e-commerce platform.
OpenMage LTS allows merchants already using an e-commerce site under Magento 1 to continue using a secure and stable Magento platform while remaining PCI compliant.

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OpenMage has been launched for a few years now, this solution has been thought and designed at the initiative of developers and agencies wishing to continue to maintain Magento 1 and its
different versions.
This solution is intended for customers already using Magento 1. Also note that this solution is completely independent of Adobe, it concerns only the OpenSource version of Magento.


Switching to the OpenMage solution is not a complicated thing thanks to the easy migration process. OpenMage
offers two migration modes, while focusing
on improving security, stability and performance.
It is also good to know that OpenMage is built and maintained by many
maintained by many passionate people.
The solution is thus surrounded, with agencies, developers, module providers and theme creators all playing a vital role in this thriving ecosystem.