About us

Kiboko is a young consulting and development agency for e-commerce and business solutions. Grégory Planchat, its founder, created Kiboko after eight years of experience in e-commerce, PIM, CRM and ERP development and integration.


Depending on your business needs, we will advise you and guide you through the improvement of your internal and external IT tools for your company.
Kiboko develops and maintains e-commerce web stores using Magento and OroCommerce. We also integrate Akeneo (PIM), OroCRM (CRM) and Marello (ERP) into your pre-existing environment or into a new one to build an eco-system at your own flavour.

Kiboko has extensive experience in business development, including the integration of ERP and CRM solutions into the Magento eco-system, hosting migrations and infrastructure load testing. At Kiboko, we have been one of the first teams to choose OroCommerce as a true B2B e-commerce solution and have been one of the firsts to release live a web store using it.

A tailor-made offer

We work almost exclusively on open source solutions based on Symfony and Doctrine, such as OroCRM, OroCommerce, Marello and Akeneo, and we build custom software based on OroPlatform. Our relationships and partnerships with solutions editors allow us to offer you these solutions in Enterprise Editions, with the extensive functionality your business requires.