Magento 2 / OroCRM connector

Nowadays, for companies, succeeding in the world of online sales is a major challenge. To do so, they have a multitude of solutions at their disposal. Magento is one of the key players in the B2B world for the creation of e-commerce sites.

Companies have a constant need for flexibility. Among the tools that can enable them to facilitate their management, their communication and to develop their business on a larger scale, the implementation of a CRM seems to be unanimously accepted in the B2B world. 

In order to offer our clients a complete, turnkey solution, Kiboko has developed a connection between these two tools. This seemed essential to us in order to facilitate business development.

The Magento 2 / OroCRM connector

A Magento 2 to OroCRM connector will allow you to gather and unify the data inherent to your activity, in order to use them for commercial purposes. Nowadays, this capacity becomes fundamental in the success of the B2B online sales world. 

To learn more about these tools, we invite you to consult the pages specially dedicated to OroCRM and Magento 2 :

Subject to an annual commercial license, the current version of our connector will allow you to synchronize the following entities : 

  • Website
  • Shop
  • Region
  • Order information
  • Customer group
  • Customer profile information
  • Information on credit
  • Shopping list

Once integrated with one or more Magento, the purpose of this connector is to centralize all sales data from different channels in the same application. OroCRM will allow you to structure your data and :

  • efficiently manage and visualise customer profile data.
  • segment your customers according to several criteria such as: age, location, buying preferences, history, etc.
  • interactively combine customer information via multiple channels, avoiding duplication of account data.
  • synchronize and update the customer database automatically.
  • keep track of all interactions and comments to respond effectively to your customers.

Our Magento 2 to OroCRM connector will allow your company to :

  • track all your goods, securely store customer data.
  • adjust and deploy your sales and marketing campaigns in a timely manner.
  • effectively measure and exploit the results of your business activities.

Today, and thanks to its years of experience, Kiboko is able to set up this connection quickly and efficiently. In this way, we give your company the ability to evolve towards new perspectives.