OroCommerce is THE e-commerce solution that is revolutionizing the B2B online market! Developed by Oro Inc, the tool owns a platform gathering a full set of features, ready for any B2B business model.

It’s a highly scalable B2B e-commerce platform. This tool can quickly adapt to many scenarios: whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler or a brand, and whether you are addressing businesses, institutions or individuals.

The OroCommerce solution allows you to develop your commercial activity using an online store. You can digitize your product catalog and make sales from your e-commerce site. OroCommerce ensures full code transparency, reliability and security benefits with the solution’s open-source approach. You also have the ability to digitize your entire supply chain by connecting to any ERP system. Your business will gain in coordination, thus allowing you to automate your logistics, price calculation and customer order management.


In January 2017, Oro Inc released its 1st version of its open-source solution: OroCommerce. Specifically adapted to B2B activities, this tool has all the functionalities dedicated to inter-company commerce, in a modern and adapted interface. OroCommerce improves the management of the multi-channel customer experience and enables companies to develop their competitive advantages.

It is part of a pack of business solutions developed by Oro Inc. The founders of this solution are known in the e-commerce community for their roles within Magento, another e-commerce solution:

  • Yoav KUTNER (ex-CTO of Magento) is co-founder and CEO of Oro (Publisher of OroPlatform, OroCRM and OroCommerce)
  • Dima SOROKA (ex-Lead Magento architect of Magento) is co-founder and CTO of Oro.
  • Roy RUBIN (ex-CEO of Magento) is co-founder and advisor of Oro Inc.

Kiboko and OroCommerce

Kiboko is one of the first providers to use, install and develop solutions based on OroCommerce. In 2016, the solution was still in beta version, and Kiboko was given one of the very first OroCommerce Enterprise Edition customers. We are proud to be part of the OroCommerce integrator partners and to have guided our clients since that time. Today, OroCommerce has largely proven itself and is establishing itself as the benchmark for B2B e-commerce. Our teams use the platform every day in order to meet the needs of our various customers and remain actively involved in the growing community of developers on this solution.

Based on our experiences with OroCommerce over the past few years, in 2019 we became an Oro partner solution. We can support you from A to Z in setting up your B2B e-commerce site.

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