OroCRM is a “Customer Relationship Management” tool. It offers a system aimed at optimizing the quality of customer relationships, retaining them and helping your sales teams to maximize turnover or margin per customer.

OroCRM is based on OroPlatform, a powerful platform with an evolving framework. This environment provides technology and a solid foundation for a rapid development.

Open-source et flexible

OroCRM allows you to organize all the information associated with your customers through a profile view, it gives you a single view of your customers, whatever their type and your sales channels, and saves you time. In addition, this solution is able to adapt to your needs, it is as customizable as possible. It is a custom-made CRM tool, thanks to its many possibilities such as: adding modules, creating entities, customizable fields, the workflow engine. Not to mention the Oro interface known to be resolutely ergonomic, making it easier for users to get started with the application.

Equipe vente

Your sales teams will be able to analyze and monitor each step of the customer journey. They will be able to manage prospects, be on the lookout for new opportunities, analyze profit and quantify customer losses in order to have more accurate forecasts of your business.

Equipe marketing

Marketing groups will have the possibility of creating targeted campaigns, geographically, by type of customer, by sector, etc. You will be able to segment customer lists using CRM data, in order to be sure to offer a suitable product to your customer.  

Equipe support

At a glance, the customer support team will be able to see all the support tickets created, orders, interactions, etc. OroCRM will allow the teams in contact with customers to always be prepared and to anticipate the needs of your prospects.

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