Kiboko, Business IT solutions

Kiboko is a young consulting and development agency for e-commerce and business solutions. Grégory Planchat, its founder, created Kiboko after eight years of experience in e-commerce, PIM, CRM and ERP development and integration.



Integration and development of open-source solutions for the creation of e-commerce platform


Installation and configuration of PIM, ERP, open-source CRM solutions


Custom web application development based on open-source technologies

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OroCommerce : new release 4.2 LTS version

OroCommerce is, according to us, the ideal tool for carrying out ambitious and operational B2B e-commerce projects thanks to a stable and scalable platform. After a rewarding year 2020 full of development, OroCommerce begins this new calendar year by presenting …

Payment by debit card in B2B

In order to stay competitive and relevant, businesses must adapt to the way their customers want to shop. 89% of B2B buyers are already using internet for their business, and the trend is not about to reverse. However, selling to …

Punch Out

What is it ?  Punch Out is an intercommunication system between a company’s computer applications and its suppliers.  It refers to the connection between the purchasing department and their suppliers’ web solutions. For example, this allows companies to directly access …