OroCommerce : new release 4.2 LTS version

OroCommerce is, according to us, the ideal tool for carrying out ambitious and operational B2B e-commerce projects thanks to a stable and scalable platform. After a rewarding year 2020 full of development, OroCommerce begins this new calendar year by presenting the 4.2 LTS version. Available since the end of January, you will find below all the information relating to the new features that are emerging.

4.2 LTS: new features at several levels

OroCommerce will add a number of new features, emerging for different purposes and for specific uses.

We have listed them for you in 3 main categories :

1- Improvement of the user experience :

The version 4.2 LTS is mainly focused on improving the user experience. The goal is to make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

  • Faster navigation.
  • User experience optimization: it is now possible to configure multiple items in shopping carts, quotes, orders and checkout process.
  • More precise targeting of filters by category (sort order, type and sidebar / top position).
  • Ready-made templates for brand pages and brand navigation.

2- Front-End improvement :

  • Optimization of navigation performance.
  • Additional controls on search relevance, thus improving the search results of the  products / attributes.
  • Improved shopping carts : a tree structure is now available, grouping products by configurable.
  • Implementation of stylebooks (improvement of the interface) directly in Oro. 

This link allows you to access a documentation on stylebook.

3- Improvement of the Back-End / new configurations:

Many improvements have been made to the Back-End, where the API now has more resources, allowing easier application testing for developers. We can also find these novelties:

  • Extensive coverage of out-of-the-box data imports (to ensure product data import via flat files without going through API or user interface).
  • Conversion of the search autocomplete extension to an out-of-the-box feature (Search autocomplete).
  • Export / import of visibility settings for products and categories.
  • Available preview of product visibility via a “preview” button.
  • Special permission on the CMS edition.
  • HTML cleaning.
  • Possibility for Back-Office users to connect as a client user on the Front-Office.

Learn more

If you have any questions, or would like to know more about the new 4.2 LTS OroCommerce version, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are entirely at your disposal and we will be happy to talk with you furthermore.

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