Akeneo PIM 5.0 Update !

The year 2021 brings its share of new features! Like many vendors, Akeneo does has a lot of updates to provide this year. Today, it is a major version upgrade of the most awarded PIM of the market, Akeneo PIM 5.0.

This update is changing things in multiple domains, the Akeneo product teams have brought more than 70 improvements and new features. All these improvements are available for Flexibility and Community Edition customers with the release of Akeneo PIM 5.0. Those were already available during the last year for Serenity customers.

Let’s get a quick overview of the new features.

A reworked rules engine, for better automation

The use of Akeneo allow you to relieve working teams from spending their time on redundant and repetitive manual tasks. This is why a rules engine was implemented a few years ago.

With this update, the rules engine has been redesigned. From now on, it is associated with a rules generator. This will be a new interface in Akeneo PIM, allowing users to create and manage business rules more easily. This interface gathers all the actions you were previously able to use through YAML files. now your marketing teams will be able to define product defaults, copy attribute values, and classify products automatically, without the help of an IT team.

Transparent and easy connectivity

The improvements of the Akeneo PIM API with version 5.0 also aim at optimising synchronisations and data distribution with third party applications. To this end, a new API has been introduced: “Events API”. This new API unlike the existing one will push data changesto the 3rd party applications when they happen. It will accelerate data synchronisation between third party applications and Akeneo PIM.

Note that the new API becomes complementary to the existing REST API, the latter also benefits from new and improved endpoints to help reduce the amount of data to be processed and the size of responses to API calls.

This new version also allows users to better track what data is being sent and received, thanks to improved connections. In this way, users are even more empowered to handle synchronisation errors.

A revisited Data Quality Insights interface

As you know, with Akeneo you have access to product information and can therefore ensure their quality and obtain exploitable information for marketing purposes. Today, with Akeneo PIM 5.0, you will have access to this data at a glance, quickly and easily, thanks to the improved Data Quality Insights dashboard.

This new dashboard will make it even easier for your teams to check the quality of product information and get recommendations on how to optimize it.

In an effort to respond effectively to the globalization of business, the Data Quality Insights interface adds advanced features such as spell checking and language coverage.

Add your own units of measure

You will be able to better adapt your catalogue to the needs of your organization, thanks to the improved level of catalogue flexibility and product structure offered by Akeneo 5.0.

Akeneo PIM now hosts advanced measurement capabilities, designed to provide users with increased flexibility when enriching product information.

It now facilitates the creation of measurement units as well as custom measurement families. In conclusion, you can now easily add any new measurements and associate them with your products, in accordance with local standards and specific industry requirements.

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If you have any questions about Akeneo PIM 5.0, or just want to learn more about Akeneo, feel free to contact our teams.

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Kiboko becomes Akeneo Bronze Solution Partner

We are proud to announce Kiboko partnership with Akeneo, editor of an application that simplifies your product data management. The Akeneo PIM (Product Information Management) is a tool that helps companies to centralize and harmonize all technical and marketing information in their product catalogs.

Bronze Solution Partner

Kiboko becomesAkeneo Bronze Solution Partner

As before, we can still integrate the Akeneo solution on your information system with personalized developments, and provide you support and assistance to implement the solution. And from now, we can also provide you an integration of the Enterprise edition.

When the red hippo and the violet hydra meet…

With this partnership, Kiboko is once again improving and showing its skills with the technology from Nantes, with the editor’s follow-up :

  • Our team members has trained for 3 years to answer to the most ambitious PIM projects
  • Support from the editor to implement the solution requirements
  • Privileged access to the editor support service, new versions, Enterprise editions, demonstration instances…
  • Appreciation of our knowledges by the editor of the solution
  • Acces to all events Akeneo makes for its partners

You can find information about our partnership on Akeneo website . For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.